Friday, February 19, 2010


there is not time

to do all the things

which we want

and to the world

there is not time

for buds to be bloomed

where there is an ocean

there is no time to sail

there is not time

where there is a bell

to ring the value of time

there is not time

there is not time..................

MORNING SHOWWW.................

light rays of sun

as a golden colour

birds singing, sitting on the branches of trees

somewhat as whispering a secret thing

buds of flowers

at a position to bloom

the clear sky

very high birds flying in a row enjoying

as if they have won the world

cool breeze passing by

little people roaming here and there

some running and jogging

and me sleeping lazily

by the time a cup of tea comes

me, thinking about the plans of the day

radio at the left side

a huge screen of tv at the front

and some biscuits on the hands

after a while

everything ends


what a sad moment

many dreams are brought by the morning

but fulfillment is left behind

suddenly morning awakes me

but me, nothing has been done still

just morning shows a mirror

and goes

i will be always waiting morning show.........


if somebody asks what is mind??

i would answer in a word

a judge

not of court

but of human life

the ocean of knowledges

the deep source of creativity

and a level of cyclones

and tides of thoughts

made up of only four letters

and a capacity of many pounds

mind,, like an elastic thing

sometimes thinking of positive aspects

sometimes negative aspec

t so talent is a slaver of mind

talency is stored in the bank of mind

imagination and creation....


we born on this earth

played enjoyed without any tention

how happy the life was??

always being happy

but the time is changed now

how the past was??

how the present is?

and how the future will be??

no any pain

nor any dreams

how simple the life was

like a morning glooming bud

the joy of being alive

ah!what an excited journey

fulfillments of all demands


if anybody ask me what i want??

i would answer in a word..


yes my childhood...

YOU & ME...

you said you are ill

you expressed your sickness

you controlled your sufferings

and you encountered only failure

and me, answered you are pretty well

assessed the condition of mind

counselled about the ups and downs

joy and woe in the path of life

assured the necessity of self esteem

you felt you are under estimated

you assumed you are unfit enough

and me, arised your self actualization

self respect and a strong ego

for wellness of as a whole aspect

because you are a master of yourself

your soul is driven yourself

and you told you are pretty fine

you are absolutely right

you are definately fine...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


the day i learned a single thing
i sat happily on the lea
how mellifluous the time was
harking to the elders
giving an ear to the warbler
turning deaf ears to unpleasent season
just giving an eye to the songstar
i was really delightful
thankful to the nature
for giving human animation
just wanna gaze the world
have a view over the boughs
clear streams and the glamour
want to touch the conceal feelings
the world has become a joke
creatures are longing of enriching
satisfaction and unlimited humour....

WHAT LIFE IS>>..??????

our life is a long journey

started from the seed of happiness

like a small plant

tended and cared with love

and protected from danger

acquiring the hoards of needs

but still we are drawsy

pretending to be nobody

if hard work and struggle

two feet halt unknowingl

y the main noticeable thing is

what we are doing

really what we are learning

everbody ignores of duty

struggle, the synonym of life

but we know nothing about life

we know just to enjoy

we fear to tackle rivals

and dont want any challenges

for we love doing nothing in life

except dreaming of events charmingly....

its time to...

we are the youngstars of today

twinkling stars of the futures

who need to do unlimited things

for the sake of motherland

neither we are the idles

nor the courageous creatures

we are just living for nothing

the one who forwards

the sunrise of success is waiting

life is like a golden drop of water

always shaking on the leaves

nobody knows the time

it is time to hurry up at dawn

and crook towards hard working

throw all the heaps of nonsense

activate ourself from slumbering

avoid diving into the ocean of frown

because it is the 21 st century

the century to go up from ragged one


hello?? hello?? hello??

but no any sound heard

again rings the cell

and hallow?? hallow???

still no response

anyway thought was an urgent

after a moment a statement appeared

plz help me

was so surprised

deed no any response

days passed months passed

again hello?? hello???

still no reply

repeated again "plz help me"

so amazed?? what a call...

a call without acquintance

hellow??? without any uttering a word

my goodness what a call...............


without any thoughts and look

when a couple of hearts feel immensely

there is the conceive of love

care for each other

a kind of feeling of goodness

and with innocence, selfishness

there grows a true love

respects each others feelings

feels pain when one gets hurt

feels better when one gets success

there emerges a bud of true love

feels inside the heart when one is far

is based on a true understanding

a strong believe upon each other

and feels the love by eternal soul

there exists the true love

wher things are heard without saying

where beautiness is seen without looking there lives a true love

forever and ever

for infinite births.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


staring at u

looking at u

and seeing at u

i wonder

what is there inside u?

what is there with u


what is there within u?

when i look at u

passive inspiration arise

new hopesbloom within me

new dreams shin within me

new vision makes

a shape within me

so i became amazed

i became astonished

many progressive sentiments

rise within me

i see u when blinking the eyes

i search you when open eyes

looking at youa typical portrait emerges in me

so i am always willing to see you

looking at youand only looking at you...


as soon as i entered with the white aproon

in the palliative care unit

an innocent kid with infinite hope

with extreme faith in those little eye

just stared at me

as i approached that little kid

did the case stuidy of the child

cant control my sympathy

an 8 yrs old kid

just struggling for long live

and of course hoping the soon recovery

return to home n play sing

each day i feel something for the child

as the child is saying"sister plz save me"

yes the childs heart is shouting for helpe

yes are reflecting hope

but what could i do???

coz the child is at the last stage of cancer

i know that the child is unknown about it

the child is not enough big to understand


but i see the kid willing to live

a long life

kid willing to recover soon

n return home

and saying" sister plz save me"

with each medication the kid is feeling

that the child is being welL

and saying with every care,

feeling wel

Land saying" sister plz save me"

seeing this, my heart gets pinched

that the kid doesnot know

the child is dying very soon

but i still know that

the kids innocent heart is saying

"sister plz save me""sister plz save me"

i want to live


with all those fragrance of friendship
sand moments filled with pleasures
and all those heartly attachments
i wanna recall the crazy moments
the sweet rhythem of life
filled with enthusiasm n queirires
the feeling of delighted
the joy of being together
and the fertile age of life
the spirits of soul neverto be apart
from each otherstrong ego
and innocence stage
uch a relation we had
to be united
in the sector of joy n happiness
frenship and the pains
we hadjust recalling those crazy moments
heart starts lacerating today
all morale vibrates today
may be the different time
different land n sector we are in
but still the pain of deparature
the feeling of being apart
is the same even today
n will be the same tooall those crazy moments....


u said not to laugh

u told not to smilE

u asked not to blast the laughter

but u know 1 thing??

wothout laughter

i cant lead a meaningful life

i cant stay silent

yes without laughter

i cant bool the hopes of life

and fulfil the sweet dreams

u said not to laugh

but 1 thing do u know??

i love to smile

i love to tune its melody

u said not to laugh

u told not to smile

but u know 1 thing??

smile is the beauty of lif

e laughter is a reason to live...


u r the 1 to fears

everal crimes n theft

striving to be the symbol of truth

, refinement and the courage

it is ur duty to remove

monotonous and all rubish

cheering up like angels

in the paradise of happinesss

owing the seeds of wisdom

fighting against the ignorance

uprooting social stigma

u r the one

to warrent the generation forward

avoiding the narrow path

and of course enlightening urselF

fappeal for good deeds without panic

the whole world is with u

walk alone only a mile

thousands steps are behind u

just try to glow up a candle lit

innumerable stars are following you.................................


the day i was screaming

without any cause

except of being a failure

dont wanna to recall the moment

the moment i was happy

suddenly turned into deflated balloon

slightly crying and interrogating

with deranged state

n brutali was really of unsound mind

due to disorganized plan of life

dogged myself to be mean

and felt affection for my life

detesting dead habits

for the exit of only happiness

istead of tugging success

i jolted each and everyone

just staying behind and behind

it was really a sad moment...


cool but golden drops of rain

suddenly poured in the lands

in the mind of thousands

creating a sense of freshness

drops stumbling on my head

on my clear bags

hitting the backs

clouds seem mood offf

and just staring all the times

rain drops and only rain drops

shivering and wetness

freezing cold and so cold

pouring the little rain drops

so is there a pleasnt enivronment

a romantic climate

free of dirts dust and germs

and there is only innocent coldness

cool coll breeze passing everywhere

and me just peeping out of windows

to see the flowing raindrops

yes the colourless rain drops.............


early in the morning

dark environment grasses covered by dew

lights twinkling in some houses

me, just hurrying to forward

towards my destination

suddenly saw a fire litting

some small people being around

several questions arise in my mind

actually who are they??

yesterday my eyes got stuck

today still i notice the same

and i know tommorrow too

i will be seeing the same thing

actually who are they??

what are they doing till??

from where they are being created?

? after a long search

finally i came to know

they are the street children

yes the thrown up kids.....


have a heart , a thoughful mind

hands and legs enough

have a feeling toward

s but still i am not complete they say

because i am a girl

can lead a meaningful life

cam perfoerm excellently in all

have ability to lit the light of success

and can march in compare to a boy

but still they say its not wonderfu

l because i am a girl

have a feeling of confidence

competent knowledge and skill

acquire all the human behaviour

the same blood circulates whole the body

but still they say its not perfect

because i am a girl

can think better for the sake of family

sacrifice all joys for all sorts of relations

but still they say it is not welldone

because i am a girl....................


a longlasting endless path

heart , body both of concret

e lots of accidents occuring

without any pityness to human fellow

upon whom people run walk

sleep sit stand and even beat

many things stay upon

still the busy roads stay quiet

remain always busy and busy

tolerates all pains and sufferings

neither complains nor speak out

i , sometimes stare upon roads

and just think about them

how tolerable are those roads

and decides to be the same

confident , strong and inspiring

towards the humanity

seeing all busy roads everytime

me,ownself also trying to initiate

to remain busy in life long aim

with all those busy roads....


looking for something else

denied all the old beliefs

in order to be civilized

eventually to succeed in every step

even in the mood of tension

all the positive trends appeared

i was astonished too much

probably innumerable joyment

it is really wonderful

twisting and turning of hills

the murmuring brooks

i really smiled in full bloom

as i was never in higher flights

then i was never disappointed

hardly believing to my ears

i attempted to make my life fruitful

really losing my sense in happiness.....

human nature

contemplating over the life
exalting in good deeds
moreover conscientious in thought
sit is really spontaneous
absolutely the human nature
people forwarding hastily
in order to build up carreer
nevertheless one must be sincere
we need to struggle a lot
from cradle to grave
to reach the destination
although through immence frustration
we have autonomy
for doing all the things.....