Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010




green water...

in between the huge rocks

hard and very cruel

very soft green water flows

somewhere white and somewhere green

just flowing and flowing

from the level of height to low

producing a melody of sound

how clear and clean is the water

no any shape nor any size

but just like a curve

yes the green water

one of the wonders of the nature

having unlimited potentialities

still nobody has a glance

yet no one has felt the presence

how kind is the green water?

the green water

just flowing and flowing

till the lowest level of the height...


once upon a time

i was a beautiful flower

several butterflies snore on my leaves

noisy flies suck me from everywhere

but still i was happy enough

thinking that at least

i am able to be utilized

for something else

today still i am a flower

but not as beautiful as in the past

my leaves are not green

they seem dry and ugly

my stem is also porous

thus neither butterflies come to sit

nor flies make a noise around me

so i am totally ignored

but still i am the same flower

nobody here cares my beautiness

i am utilized when i am beautiful

but thrown after my leaves dry

when layers are shrunkun...