Thursday, April 1, 2010


The precis of our school days,,,, care free, secure, fun n so full of life-- a special part of our memories n the most beautiful days of our lives.the days, we wish we could turn back , the habds of time n so vibrant, yet so simple, full of dreams n mischief, gossip wid frens orwaiting to get ot turn at d much sought after merry, go around, most of us remenber wid clarity, our classmates n teachers.n even today, etched in detail r memories of school events, graduation n the buildings where we learned our lessions.really we lov our those dyas so much.... missing all those............

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010




green water...

in between the huge rocks

hard and very cruel

very soft green water flows

somewhere white and somewhere green

just flowing and flowing

from the level of height to low

producing a melody of sound

how clear and clean is the water

no any shape nor any size

but just like a curve

yes the green water

one of the wonders of the nature

having unlimited potentialities

still nobody has a glance

yet no one has felt the presence

how kind is the green water?

the green water

just flowing and flowing

till the lowest level of the height...


once upon a time

i was a beautiful flower

several butterflies snore on my leaves

noisy flies suck me from everywhere

but still i was happy enough

thinking that at least

i am able to be utilized

for something else

today still i am a flower

but not as beautiful as in the past

my leaves are not green

they seem dry and ugly

my stem is also porous

thus neither butterflies come to sit

nor flies make a noise around me

so i am totally ignored

but still i am the same flower

nobody here cares my beautiness

i am utilized when i am beautiful

but thrown after my leaves dry

when layers are shrunkun...

Friday, February 19, 2010


there is not time

to do all the things

which we want

and to the world

there is not time

for buds to be bloomed

where there is an ocean

there is no time to sail

there is not time

where there is a bell

to ring the value of time

there is not time

there is not time..................

MORNING SHOWWW.................

light rays of sun

as a golden colour

birds singing, sitting on the branches of trees

somewhat as whispering a secret thing

buds of flowers

at a position to bloom

the clear sky

very high birds flying in a row enjoying

as if they have won the world

cool breeze passing by

little people roaming here and there

some running and jogging

and me sleeping lazily

by the time a cup of tea comes

me, thinking about the plans of the day

radio at the left side

a huge screen of tv at the front

and some biscuits on the hands

after a while

everything ends


what a sad moment

many dreams are brought by the morning

but fulfillment is left behind

suddenly morning awakes me

but me, nothing has been done still

just morning shows a mirror

and goes

i will be always waiting morning show.........


if somebody asks what is mind??

i would answer in a word

a judge

not of court

but of human life

the ocean of knowledges

the deep source of creativity

and a level of cyclones

and tides of thoughts

made up of only four letters

and a capacity of many pounds

mind,, like an elastic thing

sometimes thinking of positive aspects

sometimes negative aspec

t so talent is a slaver of mind

talency is stored in the bank of mind

imagination and creation....


we born on this earth

played enjoyed without any tention

how happy the life was??

always being happy

but the time is changed now

how the past was??

how the present is?

and how the future will be??

no any pain

nor any dreams

how simple the life was

like a morning glooming bud

the joy of being alive

ah!what an excited journey

fulfillments of all demands


if anybody ask me what i want??

i would answer in a word..


yes my childhood...

YOU & ME...

you said you are ill

you expressed your sickness

you controlled your sufferings

and you encountered only failure

and me, answered you are pretty well

assessed the condition of mind

counselled about the ups and downs

joy and woe in the path of life

assured the necessity of self esteem

you felt you are under estimated

you assumed you are unfit enough

and me, arised your self actualization

self respect and a strong ego

for wellness of as a whole aspect

because you are a master of yourself

your soul is driven yourself

and you told you are pretty fine

you are absolutely right

you are definately fine...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


the day i learned a single thing
i sat happily on the lea
how mellifluous the time was
harking to the elders
giving an ear to the warbler
turning deaf ears to unpleasent season
just giving an eye to the songstar
i was really delightful
thankful to the nature
for giving human animation
just wanna gaze the world
have a view over the boughs
clear streams and the glamour
want to touch the conceal feelings
the world has become a joke
creatures are longing of enriching
satisfaction and unlimited humour....

WHAT LIFE IS>>..??????

our life is a long journey

started from the seed of happiness

like a small plant

tended and cared with love

and protected from danger

acquiring the hoards of needs

but still we are drawsy

pretending to be nobody

if hard work and struggle

two feet halt unknowingl

y the main noticeable thing is

what we are doing

really what we are learning

everbody ignores of duty

struggle, the synonym of life

but we know nothing about life

we know just to enjoy

we fear to tackle rivals

and dont want any challenges

for we love doing nothing in life

except dreaming of events charmingly....

its time to...

we are the youngstars of today

twinkling stars of the futures

who need to do unlimited things

for the sake of motherland

neither we are the idles

nor the courageous creatures

we are just living for nothing

the one who forwards

the sunrise of success is waiting

life is like a golden drop of water

always shaking on the leaves

nobody knows the time

it is time to hurry up at dawn

and crook towards hard working

throw all the heaps of nonsense

activate ourself from slumbering

avoid diving into the ocean of frown

because it is the 21 st century

the century to go up from ragged one


hello?? hello?? hello??

but no any sound heard

again rings the cell

and hallow?? hallow???

still no response

anyway thought was an urgent

after a moment a statement appeared

plz help me

was so surprised

deed no any response

days passed months passed

again hello?? hello???

still no reply

repeated again "plz help me"

so amazed?? what a call...

a call without acquintance

hellow??? without any uttering a word

my goodness what a call...............


without any thoughts and look

when a couple of hearts feel immensely

there is the conceive of love

care for each other

a kind of feeling of goodness

and with innocence, selfishness

there grows a true love

respects each others feelings

feels pain when one gets hurt

feels better when one gets success

there emerges a bud of true love

feels inside the heart when one is far

is based on a true understanding

a strong believe upon each other

and feels the love by eternal soul

there exists the true love

wher things are heard without saying

where beautiness is seen without looking there lives a true love

forever and ever

for infinite births.....